Welcome to the Waterbed Outlet. Replace your old waterbed mattress or upgrade your waterbed sheets selection. Starting new? Take a look at our softside waterbed selection.

Waterbed Mattress
waterbed mattress, waterbed
We offer the widest selection of waterbed mattresses at the lowest prices. Click here to start shopping.
Waterbed Sheets
waterbed sheets, water bed
Waterbed Outlet is the best source for high-quality waterbed sheets. Hundreds of styles, sizes, and color combinations available now.
Waterbed Heaters
water bed heaters
When it's cold outside, there's nothing like a good heater warming your waterbed. Solid-state waterbed heaters are on sale now.
Softside Waterbeds
softside water bed
Soft side waterbeds combine the ultimate in comfort with the latest in technology. Water Bed Outlet is the leading retailer on the web. Select your comfort today.
Waterbed Mattress Pads
waterbed mattress pad
Waterbed Mattress Pads are an essential component of your waterbed setup. Low prices on our incredible selection.
Waterbed Padded Rails
waterbed padded rails
Water bed padded rails add a stylish touch to your waterbed. Choose one of our many styles and color options.
Zippered Mattress Covers
waterbed cover
Waterbed mattress covers enclose your waterbed mattress for added comfort and support. Several styles to choose from.
Softside Water Bed Parts
softside water bed replacement parts
We have a complete selection of Soft Side Waterbed mattress replacement parts and accessories.





We offer a wide selection of waterbeds in one place. Whether you need a new waterbed mattress, waterbed sheets, or other accessories, you will find high-quality items here.


Waterbeds are popular for a variety of reasons. Some individuals simply think they are cool, while others use them for health purposes, such as relieving chronic pain. If you have been looking into purchasing a new waterbed mattress, you will find that we carry all of the best brands in one convenient online spot. Our buyers carefully choose high-quality waterbeds to feature in our catalogue. In addition to the wide array of mattresses that we offer, we have many waterbed accessories too. Our specialty waterbed sheets sell well and are popular among new waterbed mattress owners. If you have any questions regarding any of the waterbeds that you are considering, contact us to learn more about specific models.

Waterbeds are the best sleep system we know to help our bodies relax and to provide maximum body support. They are comfortable, hygienic and durable. Discover a better way to sleep, night after night, year after year.

Waterbeds increase relaxation, meaning longer periods with less movement and fewer re-awakenings. Our bodies are, after all, over 80% water and we were surrounded by it for the first nine months of our lives. It's the gentlest and most supportive surface on which to sleep and relax, and can be heated to whatever temperature suits you best. It can provide unusually helpful support for cavalescents, pregnant women or those with painful joint conditions. Spreading your weight evenly over its surface, it eliminates pressure points and the risk of bedsores.

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